Who we are

My name is Ted Horwitz and I am a U.S. Citizen from San Francisco CA. I started Off Road adventures pretty much on a lark. After working for years in the high pressure dotcom, software and hardware sales business in the Bay area, I decided to head down to Costa Rica, improve my surfing and work in the burgeoning Costa Rica Real Estate industry. I ran sales & marketing for a large developer in Tamarindo and had success with that.

On the weekends, I took my 1977 vintage FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser for long drives in the backwoods of the country. I was blown away by the stunning beauty of Costa Rica and by the amazing things I could do and find off the main roads – secret waterfalls and swimming holes, great hiking, hidden beach coves, cool little Tico towns. The Off Road driving was thrilling and more than once I had to winch my way up steep hills or across rivers. I’d crash overnight in the back of my jeep listening to the sounds of the jungle.

I realized that after more than 20 years of working in cubicles, catching flights and making PowerPoint presentations that this is what I wanted to do. So I quit my real estate job, took the rest of my savings and bought and restored a bunch of these fantastic jeeps. I found some like-minded crazies (a mixed bunch of Costa Ricans, Nicaraguans, Colombians and a Russian), rented an office and we held our breath to see if anyone else would love the off road experience as much as we do.

They do. The business has exploded. Since May of 2006, we have had hundreds and hundreds of customers. Families, groups of travellers, students, an 83 year old guy (our friend, Lester!) and his 75 year old wife (go the Pics section), Americans, Canadians, Spaniards, Italians. I ask everyone for an honest review and the feedback is fantastic. The combination of great off-road driving, jungle exploration, great guides and beautiful beaches seems to have hit a nerve.

In November 2008, I met Dorin Muntean, a Romanian born, US-citizen working in Detroit at Chrysler Jeep as a Senior Systems Engineer. After continually insulting him for designing “girly-man jeeps“ I realized that he knew a hell of a lot more about 4 x 4 cars, Off Road driving and operations than I did so I quickly moved from teasing him to begging him to join the company. Seems he too had been looking for a change from corporate America so he decided to invest in Off Road as a full partner.

“I had always wanted to spend time in Costa Rica with its gorgeous scenary, warm weather and great off road driving. I thought the company, while small, had a unique offering and a great future. While I spent years designing state-of-the-art drive systems for Jeep, my first love has always been for older 4x4 vehicles with solid axel suspension. There is nothing like driving these vintage vehicles through the rivers and mud here in Costa Rica.“

We hope you'll come and join us for a tour be it a five hour full day safari extravaganza on our Kaiser M35 Troop Carrier, a private Toyota Land Cruiser tour where you do the driving or a custom three-day Off Road safari trip. We have tours for every budget but each focuses on what we love the most - getting into the backcountry in an open air vehicle to experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer.

Ted “stop working so damned hard” Horwitz

Dorin “Of course it's got enough torque to get through that mud puddle“ Muntean