VINTAGE LAND CRUSIERYou probably clicked your way to this page because you enjoy one or more of the following: Nature, adventure, vintage Land Cruisers, ecology, outdoor activities, virgin beaches, howler monkeys, Volcanoes, Tropical Forests, winches, fine dining under the stars bullwhips, machetes, off-roading, undiscovered locations, bonfires, beautiful sunsets…But that’s not all we are about.

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Did you know that Costa Rica, 0.03% of the world’s landmass has 5% of the world’s biodiversity? Over 1,500 species of orchids, 850 species of birds, 137 types of snakes, 11 ecosystems and more species of trees than the U.S, Canada and Mexico put together? Have you visited this tantalizing paradise yet? Before you do, we invite you to consider the following:

You could travel the way everybody else does, which would put you anywhere from a 15 passenger van to a 53 passenger bus. You will look out your window, seeing the gorgeous countryside as if through a videogame screen, the only thing you will hear will be the guide’s broken English, or if you are lucky, you might even be part of a multi-language group, which will allow you to hear alternate versions of the same worn-out tourist speech. The air-conditioning will maintain a bland artificial ambient, probably spiced up by the built up humidity in the ventilation system.

Costa Rica has very short distances between its fascinating tourism spots, but thanks to one-lane highways (including the Panamerican Highway) mined with legendary potholes, main road travel speed averages at about 35KM per hour (just over 20 miles an hour). The volcanoes, jungles, and virgin beaches of this exhilarating country take a while to get to, why not make getting there part of the fun? Would you not prefer to go Off-Road? Of course you would! Have the holiday of a lifetime, driving your very own legendary rebuilt Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40.

We invite you to use this portal to explore the many options we have for you to enjoy the real Costa Rica. You might be into a half-day Safari trip in the Guanacaste area, or you may prefer to have a wedding few could imagine (in the middle of virgin tropical forest), go for a coast to coast Offroad Expedition or a 3 day trip around the Nicoya Peninsula, the possibilities are endless - Also, count on us for the best corporate / teambuilding events this country has to offer.

Pura Vida,
The Off Road Team